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Spring has Sprung!


Most of you who receive this newsletter have had the pleasure of visiting, if not living here in the mountains of western North Carolina. One of the endearing things about this is our great fishing, beautiful mountains, and the dreaded ladybug! We have talked about the first two; now let’s deal with the Lady Bug!

First of all: that bug is no lady! As you will learn, the ladybug and the Asian Lady BEETLE are two very different insects. Lady Beetles may look similar but that’s where the two part ways.

Some ideas on getting rid of Lady Beetles! Some simple and home friendly ways to discourage their existence! And after that, it’s the mountains and they come with the good and the not so lady-like bugs.

Some fun things on the horizon!

North Georgia Seafood Festival Begins May 31 and runs through the weekend. Always good food and crafters too!

Bacon Festival in Cleveland TN. Need I say more? April 13. Check it out.

1St Annual Oyster roast and low Country Boil This happens April 27 and it’s at the Union County Farmers Market. This looks like fun!

S.A.F.E. Fishing Tournament on Nottley Lake May 4th and for a good cause and who doesn’t like to fish!

Full Moon Twilight Kayaking This is in June but I want it on your radar. Takes place at Vogel State Park just past Blairsville. The lake isn’t huge but the setting is gorgeous! Simple fun for everyone!

Georgia Mountain Eggfest! This for all those folks who like to keep it real, real fire and charcoal that is! I’m sure I could learn a thing or two at this event. The fairgrounds always have something going on!

Gazers of the Galaxy! I haven’t been to this yet but this is the summer I will! This takes place throughout the summer on specific dates at Brasstown Bald. You must reserve your space and it does fill up quickly. Hope to see you there!

Synchronous-fireflies lottery dates set If you haven’t heard about this event that takes place in Elmont, we need to clue you in! During the end of May and into early June, a certain fire fly puts on a synchronized light show that only Mother Nature could come up with! Read about it here.

I would encourage you to “Like” my Facebook page at: Newell Collins- Your Mountain Dreams, Murphy NC. And check out the website at: Come and live Your Mountain Dreams!

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