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Bought and resold

David and Connie Barrs

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all that you did to get us immediate sales. You kept us aware of everything, helped us close by mail.

You are truly the finest Realtor we have worked with in our 80+ years of realty transactions.

We would highly recommend your person and company to anyone searching for the perfect home in the mountains.

Thank you again, for your personal attention to our needs, 

Bought and resold

David and Connie Barrs

My property sold immediately!  The use of Zillow and the skilled photographer and the use of the drone captured our home beautifully!


Jennifer Hadel

We appreciated his attention to detail and his keeping us informed, and his knowledge of the area.  Also the ease and trust he generated with us!  Especially appreciated him since we were building a new home in Murphy while living in Florida.  He helped make the build "easy"!

Professionalism Demonstrated

Tom and Michele Stadthagen

We own multiple properties in South Florida and have been dealing with realtors and their agents for a number of years.  From the first communication with Newell Collins, it was an effortless journey while searching for and acquiring a property in Murphy, NC.


Rolf & Jennifer H., May 16, 2018

We enjoyed working with Newell. We liked his personality, valued his knowledge of the market and his honesty. We appreciated Newell’s attention to detail, his keeping us informed, his knowledge of the area, and the ease and trust he generated with us. This was especially appreciated since we were building a new home in Murphy and lived in Florida. He helped greatly in making the build “easy.”


Tom S., February 22, 2018

Newell was on point with every phase of the acquisition & closing! He never missed a step! The entire experience was effortless & gratifying! It’s evident Newell loves his profession. That brings a positive energy to the entire experience!


Taylor B., February 2, 2018

Newell was always bringing my papers to my office when I wasn’t able to come get them. Such excellent service and so very appreciated. There was nothing I didn’t like! Even when Newell wasn’t in, other realtors assisted me in my immediate needs. Everything was perfect!

Your Mountain Dreams

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