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August in the Mountains!

Hope your summer has progressed well as we hit the last stretch of really warm weather. Many things happening in the area and I will hit on some highlights!

Town of Murphy Art Walk is the first Friday of every month through December! The sidewalks are filled with local artists and many stores are open late. Make a plan to visit one of these events and see our lovely downtown which is filled with hanging baskets of flowers and the plantings are in wild blooms! (Be sure to check out Mimos Ice cream and twisted treats located in the building with the Daily Grind.)

Hayesville Summer Concert Series on the Square is another Friday evening event to take time to attend. They have live music the every Friday of the month. This runs through then end of September.

Visit Blairsville Calendar of Events I found this site full of information of the happenings in and around Blairsville. Wineries and shopping are high on the list of things happening. Shop Late Thursday Night in Downtown Blairsville is also a favorite in the area. Cooler temps and great deals are had when this event is in full swing.

Something I have heard loads of comments about is the dead leaves on many of our trees! This is tree damage is from cicada insects of weeks ago, and occurs during the egg laying process. The female lays her eggs under the bark of a twig or branch. The twig splits and dies and the leaves on the twig turn brown. This condition is called “flagging“. You can spot flagging twigs and branches at a glance because of the contrast of brown leaves against the healthy green leaves on other branches. So even though the cicadas have left us, their legacy lives on in our brown leaf trees! It's especially prominent in oak and beech trees, many of which now have brown clusters of dead leaves dotting their canopies. In most trees it's completely harmless. The absence of flagging does not mean a tree isn't hosting cicada eggs. So in 17 years you will see this brood hatch! I hope you will be here to see and hear that event!

One more side note: when you chance a drive on Texana Road, look for the lovely lady that sits on her porch and take a moment to wave! I do it every time I pass her neat little home. She is a treasure to me and many others who pass her daily.

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