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Wine Highway!

Happy February to all!

This year to date has brought very little snow, some rain, and lots of terrific sunsets! Like I have expressed before, this is an awesome time to look for real estate in the mountains! Seasonal views are in all their glory and you can get a really good lay of the land. I have been quite busy this winter and would look forward to showing you around the area in your quest for that second home, raw land, or something in-between!

Something that is once again on the horizon is the Georgia Wine Highway! Twenty eight (28!) of Georgia’s finest wine makers are on the list this year. For the paltry sum of $50 you obtain a wine glass from one of the participating wineries and that with your “passport” is your entry into 28 wineries for a FREE tasting! The highway runs from Friday March 20 through the following Sunday, so you have a whole week to visit many of the wineries. As always, please bring a designated driver and drink responsibly. Find more information here and also here.

Here may be another thing you didn’t know today, those “ladybugs” you see every fall in the mountains? Well they aren’t really ladies! Although a nuisance they aren’t a health threat. They are Asian beetles and are an invasive species that has taken hold. Here’s the article: "ladybugs". It’s an informative read.

And don’t forget Valentine’s Day! Friday is a day to acknowledge that special person in your life that makes life worth living. Your helpmate, wife/husband, and partner in crime! My best to you and yours! Check out the website at our Facebook page! At Newell-Collins-Your-Mountain-Dreams-Murphy-NC-

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