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We are going to start with sound real estate advice before we move on to some other sites to explore. I think this is good for all sellers to find out ahead of a sale what issues, if any, your home may have. Check it out here:realtor news

Let’s explore some history of this wonderful area.

If you spend any time here in our Western Carolina Mountains, you will notice the many cemeteries many of which date back to pre-Civil War times. These places tell the story of the area. Murphy has Harshaw Chapel and the graves there go back many generations. Robbinsville has the grave of Junaluska who was a chief of the Cherokee during the time of the Trail of Tears. Many final resting places are small family plots on private land. Others are associated with and on church grounds. What you may not realize is that many cemeteries were moved or isolated when the TVA put in the system of dams. Folks here take Decoration Day or what many of us know as Memorial Day, very seriously. As you travel the byways here in the mountains, almost every grave will be decorated with flowers, real or plastic. I find this fairly unique to the South. It is respectful and lovely to see the tight knit bonds of family. So the next time you’re traveling in the mountains, take notice of this tradition. Check out this wonderful story about a 90 yr old lady helping keep up this time honored tradition.

Are you a sports car enthusiast? Or maybe ride a motorcycle? If you said yes to either one, you have probably heard of Deals Gap or The Tail of the Dragon. This is a bucket list road to drive! 318 curves in 11 miles! But do you know the history of this storied road? Read about how this road was used during the Trail of Tears (the removal of the Cherokee) as a place to hide from the government! Also, did you know it was once a toll road? Check it out here: History of the Tail of the Dragon

There are so many things to do here in the area of western North Carolina and the North Georgia mountains! One of my favorite places to spend time and tell folks about is Brasstown Bald. They have many programs from bird watching to star gazing! I’m going to do a night hike to the top and learn what I’m seeing in our night sky! Here is a link to all the things they have planned! Brasstown Bald Calendar of Events

Anna Ruby Falls is another beautiful place to enjoy! It’s just outside of Helen GA which is another not to be missed small town to visit. Anna Ruby Falls also offers many events for all ages. I hope to make the night time hike to look for Foxfire. I had to look this on up and here is what it is: Foxfire Check out the calendar of events! Anna Ruby Falls events and programs

As we approach Memorial Day or Decoration Day, remember those who have come before and paved the way for you and me. We honor those who have served this great country and paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We honor family and our own heritage. History is deep and rich in this area. I encourage you to learn more about your own heritage and also explore the heritage that makes this area unique.

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