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The Storm


The Storm

As the storm hits our great state, I’m reminded of the wonderful community that is the mountains of Western North Carolina. Like many small towns in the South, hospitality is a hallmark of who we are. I found this post on one of the Murphy Facebook Community sites. I think it sums up how most of us approach a weather emergency.

“So I think I have figured out, what has been bothering me this week. And it's got to do with this storm and different posts. Now I am not meaning any disrespect, but I have something to say. I have seen so many posts about how bad this storm is gonna be, and how bad the wind is gonna be, and how long we are going to be without power, and how the roads are gonna be blocked, and how the stores are running out of water etc, etc ,etc. That's not how we roll here. This ain't the first storm to come through and it won't be the last. Instead of worrying about how bad its going to be, we need to be talking about how we are going to get through it. If a tree falls down and blocks the road, we need to get out with our chainsaws and cut it up. If our neighbors power is out, we need to invite them over for a shower. If someone is out of water, well then give them some. If there is a mudslide then let's dig em out. Come on folks. If someone from out of town is out of gas, fill their tank. As long as I have lived in these mountains, I have known nothing but good people willing to lend a hand. Folks, if your new to this area and you are worried about how you are going to fare through this storm, STOP ! You are going to be alright. Once this storm has done blown over, the people of this community will be out making sure everyone's needs are taken care of. One last thing, before you head to town, ask some of those that are shut in or don't have transportation if they need anything. Make them feel comfortable, help take the edge off. Be part of the solution. Like I said this aint our first rodeo nor will it be the last.”

Well said. -- Many campgrounds throughout the state and in Georgia are open and FREE to escaping folks from the coast of the states involved. AirBnB is pairing evacuees with folks who have a space for them in their home. Neighbors take care of neighbors. Strangers help someone with a car problem. That’s just who we are and who we will always be. We are people who step up and help out neighbor or stranger. Stay safe during the storm. Check on your neighbors. Help where you can. On the larger scale, donate if possible to the charity of your choice to help those less fortunate and in the storm’s path. If you’re a part of this community, we appreciate you. If you’re not yet a part of this area, what are you waiting for? Come and find your own place in the community in the mountains.

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