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Synchronicity: Way more than an album from the Police in 1983!

Ok so maybe I’m showing my age a bit but let’s go another way. Fireflies or lightening bugs? What do fire flies or lightening bugs have to do with synchronicity?? A bug by any other name is not as beautiful as the show put on by the synchronous fireflies of the Great Smokey Mountains! For a period of about 3 weeks in Mid- May thru Mid- June, these lightening bugs will hatch from larvae into flashing, love hunting creatures of the night! The coolest part is that each year the hope of catching these critters flashing in synchronous splendor is the wish of so many folks that they have a lottery to park your car in the hope, just the hope, of seeing this magnificent display! The display doesn’t happen every year but just the chance to see this rare occurrence is enough to draw crowds to this one area. Before the peak period, the number of flashing fireflies builds a little each day. After the peak period, the flashing gradually declines until the mating season is over. Check these sites for more info!

This also happens in Cataloochee Valley and at Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest!

I also happen to know this has happened here in the Murphy area too. I have talked with friends who have witnessed this rare synchronistic flashing in their valley. They search for words to adequately describe what they saw. It was kind of like trying to describe the solar eclipse; words just don’t do it justice. Spiritual was the best word that kept coming up! I will be heading to a valley here locally to try to get just a glimpse of this phenomenon. Did someone say FIRE FLY PARTY!?

And now for something completely different!

Make plans now for the Polar Express! Now is the time to make your reservations for the Polar Express on The Great Smokey Mountains Railroad. I know it’s only April but seats fill up fast and this is so cool I don’t want you to miss it! Make plans NOW!

Dalonega: Small Town USA Things to do and see in this quaint small North Georgia town. The list of events for this pretty community is on the right side of this website. Check it out and take time to visit!

Persimmon Creek Campground This is just a short drive out of Murphy on the four lane. (HWY 64 towards TN.) Tony and Karen run this great place! They have built this campgrounds and trout pond themselves! You can see their animals, pet a goat and you can take the kids to CATCH fish! Gem Mining is new here and loads of fun for the entire family. It’s fresh fish for dinner tonight!

This time of year in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the events, festivals, and small town happenings come at us fast and furiously! Farm Markets in both Murphy and Blairsville happen every Saturday morning. Festivals celebrating small town life in the mountains begin in earnest. Arts and Crafts shows happen almost every weekend from now until the end of October! Stock car racing, car shows, and rodeos too! So make plans early to come for a visit OR Contact me, Newell Collins, and let me find you that home or piece of land and make you a part of this wonderful and rich community!

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