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Spring Fest!

Easter! Passover!

In the Christian and Jewish faiths, these are some of the high holy days on the calendar. I hope you had a Happy Easter and Passover!

As many things in nature tend to follow the old beliefs and stories. One I had never heard before was the legend of the pussy willow. Check it out here: The Legend of the Pussy WIllow. This is just one of many legends concerning the willows. For more legends, go here!

I found this on the web and it helps explain some beliefs about cold snaps in the spring. This weekend will be no exception. Learn about Old Timers Wisdom .

This next article is a good reminder that nature has a plan. Sometimes in our desire to help, we don’t know that nature’s way works remarkably well when left alone.


Blue Ridge Trout Festival Read about it here! It’s this Sunday.

Bear on the Square in Dalonega This event is also this coming Sunday!

Bugs on the Hooch! This is coming up May 25 in Columbus Ga. And the bugs are Volkswagons!

Murphy Spring Festival Live music, car show, crafters, and much more! Right on the square of downtown Murphy! May 4.

Many of these articles and more can be found on my Facebook page: Newell Collins- Your Mountain Dreams, Murphy NC. I keep it up to date and fresh. Check it out! From there you can link to my website at: www. So much more info and a place to look at the latest listings from cabins to acreage!

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