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Valentine’s Day brings vision of hearts and flowers. Hopefully you had a date for this wondrous day. I think it’s a great way to spend a day focusing on the ones we love and cherish. And maybe that focus could be on a place or a dream! Years ago I dreamt of living in the mountains and now today I celebrate Valentine’s Day right here in Murphy with friends and family!

Spring flowers are right around the corner and even now we are enjoying weather that is hitting the low 70’s! I hope you all take a moment to tell someone that you love them and not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

This site went viral on Facebook and I think it shows the real love of teachers and administrators for their students. Calling a Snow day!

Tennessee Railroad events The Tennessee Railroad has a number of special events. One is An Easter train ride and another is the Thomas the Tank engine train. If you have kids both of these would be fun. And maybe even without the kids! Check it out!

Murphy Health and Fitness Murphy’s local gym and pool are under new management! I think they offer something for everyone! Check out the opportunities they now offer!

Cherohala Skyway If you have never taken this scenic drive, Spring may be the time to set out on this adventure! This is one of many scenic drives in and around Western North Carolina. Bikers and car enthusiasts enjoy the turns and challenges of this beautiful drive. And even the tame and sensible driver can enjoy this drive of 18 miles and to a height of 5400feet! There are many places to pull off the road and take in the views! Not to be missed in any season!

With spring showers just around the corner, I encourage you to enjoy the local waterfalls! Some are easy and just a short hike from a parking lot while others are more of a challenge. All are worth the effort. The rains make these falls flowing torrents of massive gallons of water per second! It’s always fun to see your favorite falls running at full strength!

This has been a light winter so far this season. It’s a great time to visit the area and look at homes and land before the busy season. Check my website at Here you can look at listings that are current with photos and descriptions. Call me for more information! Let’s find your dream of living in the mountains!

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