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Leaf peeper season is upon us! Our leaves have slowly begun to change as of this writing. More yellows and some reds showing a bit more as the days go by. And our weather has been absolutely gorgeous! Mild days and cool night, just perfect! We are starting to think about fires, pumpkins, and beautiful vistas to come! I hope you have scheduled time to get away to the mountains this year. And what a crazy year it has been! Hang on just 3 months yet to go! What more could possibly happen?? (I have land sharks for November in the betting pool.)

As you know many events have been cancelled this year but some things don’t need planned. Like our scenery! Come and take a stroll or a drive through our lovely mountains. I know several sites on Facebook, like North GA hiking, can give you tips on where to hike. They will even tell you the degree of difficulty and distances so you can make an informed decision. Many of the waterfalls don’t require a lengthy hike so are appropriate for all ages and skill levels. And as for views, a car ride is all it takes to discover some stellar views! I have found some great books at our local bookstore detailing drives in the area as well as forest service roads and ways to get to the local balds. You really don’t need to venture far to see the sights!

I began this newsletter just 6 days ago and as of today our leaves are almost at peak viewing colors! Three days of rain have turned everything almost overnight! Cooler weather to come and some wind might make this a shorter season than last year. But let me tell you it is beautiful! When that sun shines on the mountains those trees just light up! And we have already had two bon fires with more to come.

Come enjoy the beauty of leaf season in western North Carolina! Support our local businesses and eateries! I would suggest that you call ahead to your favorite restaurant and make sure they have in side seating, most do. And all will do take out for you I’m sure!

Check out my website: YourMountainDreams Lots of useful information there!

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