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Memorial Day

In our area, Memorial Day is still Decoration Day. When you visit or make this area your home, you will notice that almost every grave is decorated with flowers. Decoration Day began in the years after the Civil War and didn’t become an official holiday until 1971. For more information about the origins of this day click here. This decorating of graves seems to be more prevalent in the South and it’s a beautiful sight to see the honor paid to those who have come before us. Please take a moment on this most special of days, and remember those who have given their life in service to this country.

With the observance of Memorial Day, we know summer is just around the corner and with it comes local farmers markets, car shows and plenty of arts and crafts shows! Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds brings in big name entertainers (click here for events and shows), and summer hiking in the Smokey Mountains is so beautiful! Waterfalls abound and there’s a hike for all levels of ability. This is a wonderful time of year to visit our Western Carolina Community of Murphy and the surrounding areas. We ARE proudly, 2 hours from everywhere! And that means awesome day trips with beautiful drives to enjoy!

Check out the newest experiences to be had while in Murphy!

Appalachian Driving Experience This is probably the newest business in downtown Murphy and we are all very excited to welcome them to the community! This place occupies the old Moose Hollow building across from the Red Brick Deli (FB page) and also across from Valley River Brewery (website). You can rent a sports car to drive our twisty roads in the area! How cool is that?? Check out the website for more info.

The real meaning behind the name Hanging Dog! Many of you have heard of our local community called Hanging Dog. Not a nice picture is brought to mind for some of us. Well visit this site and find out the REAL reason this area is called Hanging Dog! Trust me; it will make a much better story than what you might have thought!

The Dome is Home! Some of you may remember when they took the lantern from the top of the county courthouse. It took a while but it’s been restored and returned to its rightful place atop the courthouse once again. It may not seem like much to some, but to those of us locals, it was missing way too long.

Lula Lake Land Trust This area is located at Lookout Mountain in Georgia about 2 hours away just south of Chattanooga. And while you need tickets to hike the park, it is well worth the drive and the planning as it has limited open days. It includes 8000 acres and Lula Lake and Lula Falls. This might make someone’s bucket list!

Brasstown Beef This local farm is located just outside of Murphy on Brasstown road before you get to the Folk school and Clays Corner. Pasture raised cattle without hormones make for some of the best beef in the state. Give them a try for your next BBQ!

The Bake Shop This is another new business in downtown! Great baked goods and friendly folks to help you find just the right dessert! But get there early as I hear they sell out fast!

Carolina Crafting Please check out this lovely store right on Tennessee Street in the heart of Murphy. While one location, Jackie features many local artisans with great gifts and many things for your cabin home. From antiques to custom made pottery and aprons to drawer pulls and hooks for hanging most anything! Nice place and great people!

Perrones Neighborhood Grill Another new place to dine in Murphy! This small town is blessed with wonderful eateries with chef quality ratings. (Chevelles in Murphy, Daily Grind and Wine) We know there is something special about this area and many others are discovering the beauty and the good folks of Murphy. It’s a great place to own and operate a business!

Please “like” me on Facebook as many of my stories and events come from the good people right here in Murphy. Check out my website at Your Mounmtain Dreams . Lots of great information of both pages! And please let me know if you enjoy the newsletter!

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