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Lets Talk Hiking

Let’s talk Hiking: These Georgia Hiking Trails Lead To Some Incredible Pieces Of History

Some of Georgia’s best hiking trails lead to some place magical. Whether that be a hidden gem deep in the heart of the woods—This One Easy Hike In Georgia Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable—or a secret bamboo forest. Georgia hiking usually holds a little bit of history no matter where you go.

Sope Creek Trail

The Sope Creek Trail in Georgia is a 1.5-mile roundtrip hike which takes hikers to the Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins which date as far back as the Civil War. While there isn’t much left to these ruins, it still is a magical experience to hike along this piece of Georgia’s history.

Blood Mountain Loop

The Blood Mountain Loop Trail is about 6 miles in length and roughly takes about 3-5 hours to complete. Hikers are able to take the loop trail to one of the most historical spots in the state—Blood Mountain. As the highest peak on the Georgia part of the Appalachian Trail, Blood Mountain has incredible views that are worth checking out. Sunset Rock - On Lookout Mountain

A quick 3.5 miles roundtrip, the hike from Point Park on Lookout Mountain provides outstanding views in every direction plus a bit of history, too. The beautiful mountain range has quite the history within the state of Georgia, dating back from Cherokee inhabitants to Civil War times. Head on up to the mountain and check out some sensational sunset views.

Emery Creek Trail

Emery Creek Falls Trail takes guests through the woodsy range and moderately intense trail. There are several waterfalls in the area that guests can venture through plus some old historic spots that are worth checking out. Like the old fire truck that nature has been reclaiming. A bit more difficult of a hike at just over 6 miles, this is still one for the books.

Smith Creek To Anna Ruby Falls

The Smith Creek Trail at Unicoi State Park is just north of Helen, Georgia and provides some pretty spectacular views. Not only do you get to see waterfalls up the wazoo, but there are other beautiful natural spots along the way to enjoy.

Marble Mine Trail

The Marble Mine Trail at James H. Floyd State Park is a bit of pure magic in the middle of the woods. Not only is there natural wonderment throughout the entire trail, but ending up at the underground waterfall is a definite photo op. This historical trail ends up at the old abandoned mine, which in itself is a thing of beauty.

Smithgall Woods State Park

The hiking opportunities through Smithgall Woods State Park are underrated and there are plenty of hidden gems throughout that are worth exploring. With more than 28 miles of trails, you’ll have your choice at which historical spots to peruse. Like the Cathy Ellis trail which has a wooden bridge cross section over a historic water ditch which was part of the mining history in the state.

Arkaquah Trail - Brasstown Bald

The Arkaquah Trail through Brasstown Bald is one of the greatest hikes you can take, albeit a quite difficult one. There are tons to do throughout this trail, including taking in the incredible views from Georgia’s highest peak. Talk about history!

While these hikes may be good in the Summer months, Winter offers views and challenges that are unique! Consider venturing out on one of these stellar hikes this winter and save the reference for your summer visits too! More on Winter hiking to come!

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