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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

LAKES! Let’s all go jump in the lake! Your only question is: which one?? I’m going to tell you about some of the lakes in our area and send you to some sites for more info. Let’s start with …

Lake Chatuge This 7200 acre lake is part of the TVA as most of our lakes were created for flood control in the early 1940’s. This beautiful lake has all the amities like boat rental, restaurants, and fishing. Located mostly in Clay County, it’s a short drive from Murphy to enjoy the day on the lake!

Lake Nottley Located just down the road in Blairsville, this 4200 acre lake also has places to rent boats and enjoy the day on the water! Fishing is good and you can hire a guide if you want!

Lake Nantahala This lake if located at the head waters for all the white water rafting on the river below. And I mean BELOW! This lake sits at 3000ft! Its 42 miles of shoreline has great fishing and boating.

Lake Hiawssee The TVA dam created this lake in 1940. All 22 miles in length and 180 miles of shoreline! This is one of the deepest lakes in our area at 200 feet in some places. One of my favorites as it is so close to Murphy! Several marinas are on the lake and offer boat rentals and slips. And the fishing is fabulous!

Lake Fontana Located in Graham and Swain County is this beautiful lake that claims to be the best walleye fishing in the state! It has 238 miles of shoreline! And fun fact: the Appalachian Trail goes right across the dam!

Lake Appalachia This lake is a bit remote and doesn’t have commercial or much residential located on its shoreline. Pristine and quiet are the best things about this lake. It also provides hydroelectric power to our area as most of the lakes with dams do.

Lake Santeetlah With 76 miles of shoreline, this pristine lake is just 6 miles from Robbinsville in Graham County. Rent a boat, swim, or fish in this gem of western Graham County.

So there you have 7 lakes in the surrounding area to be viewed and enjoyed and played upon and in! When you’re in the area, do some exploring of these treasures, our TVA system, and meet the people who call this area home.

Remember: there are many places and many events happening for the 4th of July! Many of the fireworks will be starting this weekend around the area. Refer to our last newsletter for places and times! Have a safe and happy July 4th!

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