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Just Love This Area!

Just love this area!

Just a brief word about our local black bears: they were here first! We, as humans, are responsible to make sure we don’t do things that cause a bear to become a problem and require it to be destroyed. This time of year the bears are waking up and are hungry! The berries aren’t out yet and your birdfeeder looks good to a hungry bear! They usually mean no harm but remember: they are bears! I have included a few sites that talk about the Bear Facts and Bear Safety tips. These facts work on the trail and around your mountain home. Another great source is Forest Service home site. This site is filled with information not only about our local wildlife but hiking, camping, permits needed, places that are closed and on and on! Great site! Now on to things to do and see!

Toccoa River Swinging Bridge! This swing bridge is 265 feet long and is the longest east of the Mississippi! It is between Blue Ridge and Suches on 60. Look for the sign and it’s a 3 mile drive on a fire service road. I was just there this week to check it out. Very easy walk once you park at the end of the road. Worth a visit! Beautiful area!

Joyce Kilmer Forest First of all Joyce isn’t a women and these trees are seriously large. Just imagine for a moment that this entire area was filled with these large untouched trees before the mid 20’s and the growth of the large east coast cities. This is one area where old growth trees were saved from logging. It’s a wonderful place to hike! Check out Old Growth Forests! This site (and here ) has the locations of some old growth forests that are still available to be seen in the area.

Places to Hike in Georgia! This lists 19 of the greatest hikes in the local area. This certainly isn’t all but it’s a great start! Get out there and see things!

Benton MacKay Trail info! Here is where you will find fun facts and vital info about the BMT, all 288 miles of it!

BMT and AT Loops This offers descriptions of the Loops of 4.6, 6.2, and 10.6 miles and longer that can make this a doable trip for most!!

Loops! Benton MacKaye Trail is not for the faint of heart! This site has the list of trailheads and all the info to do either a thru hike or just be a day tripper!

The Mountain to Sea Trail is North Carolinas hiking trail! The mountain to sea trail 1175 miles! And it offers a paddle friendly route too! This is a bucket list type of hike OR it can be a day hike or weekend backpack trip!

Pinhoti Trail (pin HOE tee (native) or pin Ody (southern)) Begins in Alabama and intersects the BMT. This trail is called the “real Appalachian Trail”. 337.1 Miles is part of the connector trails to the AT. Check it out!

This will guide you to a list of 10 of the best hikes to waterfalls in North Georgia. Some are easier than others but all are worth the walk. Pick the one that is right for you and your family or guests.

Try any of these ideas OR just hop in your vehicle and head in any direction and EXPLORE! My family and I had a destination but we were open to seeing anything new to us! We found the fish hatchery, off of 60, on our travels to the Toccoa Swing Bridge. Loved seeing the literally millions of fish! My point being is EXPLORE! Be open to new adventures and the unexpected can be the most memorable! So many things coming up in the next couple of weeks! Farmers markets are open in both Murphy and Blairsville. Our finest local produce and crafts can be found at both.

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