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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The New Year is just around the corner! It’s time to take stock of our blessings and look for ways to improve our lives in the coming year. Maybe this is the year you find that excellent piece of land to build that dream cabin on in the coming year! Or this is the year you buy that second home in the mountains? Or maybe it’s the year you move to Murphy full time and enjoy all the community has to offer! Any way that brings you to our town, it’s a great time to spend time in and around Murphy NC! We have yet to have a real snowfall here in Murphy but the upper elevations usually have frost and maybe snow! It can be a winter wonderland! If you were watching the winter storm Diego, you will have seen that Cherokee County got missed by the snowmagedon storm. Many of us are still hoping for a white Christmas!

On to things to do:

This area has been the host of The Possum Drop for years! If you have never experienced the Drop on New Year’s Eve, well let’s just say that you haven’t lived! Last year was the final year this event was held at Clays Corner in Brasstown. Fortunately the town of Andrews has picked up the possum and is…well, dropping it this year! Please remember no possum is hurt or injured in any way during this event. I’m sure that the Town of Andrews will put some of their own spin on the festive occasion! I’ve been to several, once in the pouring rain! Along with some silly things they have, in the past, had really good entertainers and a wonderful tribute to our military and Medal of Honor recipients. Hopefully Andrews will continue that tradition! It’s a “don’t miss, one of a kind” celebration!

I can’t fail to mention our own Caesars Harrahs Cherokee Vally River Casino where you could win $1,000,000! This is the place for table gaming and slots. Lots of promotions to keep even the seasoned gambler interested! Open every day of the year!

Many local restaurants will offer packages for ringing in the New Year! Check with your local favorites to see what each has to offer!

Appalachian Trail Rides will have scheduled rides for New Year’s Day! What a great way to see the mountains! Their horses are wonderful and the guides are all about making sure everyone in your group has a safe and fun adventure.

Or start your new year with a First Day Hike. Many state parks sponsor these and are guided by a ranger. This sounds like an awesome way to start your 2019! So go Hike a mountain or do a walk on the Appalachian Trail or Benton-Mackay Trail. Pick one of the many waterfalls to visit in winter for a spectacular view and maybe some ice formations along the way. The area is constantly changing in each season! Winter hiking offers different and varied vistas that may not be seen in the summer landscape.

Please plan a visit to this charming town of Murphy and find that perfect property or home to enjoy year round!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

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