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Georgia Wine Highway!

Now for something completely different! Georgia Wine Highway

As we approach spring in the mountains of Western North Carolina, we begin to see the budding trees and the first daffodils and iris. We also have the unique opportunity to sample some of the best wines made in the area. It’s time for the Georgia Wine Highway!

Murphy is located within minutes of North Georgia and we look forward to this week long event. Beginning March 16 and running through Sunday March 25, folks have the chance to sample wines from at least 22 wineries all within a day trip! For the small price of $50 (at any one of the participating wineries), you receive a wine glass and a passport. This entitles you to 4 to 5 tastings per winery for free! This is an excellent way to find the wines you love best and see some of the most beautiful settings in which to drink an excellent glass of wine. Many places have live music and grand vistas’! If you’re lucky, you could be asked to join your host in a special tasting room to sample extraordinary wines not offered on the tasting list! You have two weekends and a full week in between to visit the wineries that are participating. This is their opportunity to put their best wines forward! The weekends are busiest as you might guess, so if you can go during the week it would be more relaxed and less hectic. While tastings are only a small portion of a glass, several tastings equal a couple of glasses! I would advise a designated driver. Safety first!

These are a few of my personal favorites:

Chateau Meichtry linkThis is one of my favorite places! The wines are excellent and the setting is gorgeous! The folks who own this winery are gracious and welcoming. They often have live music!

Fainting Goat Vineyard and Winery]link[/url] As you may guess, they do have fainting goats on the property. But the real treat is not only the wines they serve, but that VIEW! It is a beautiful setting with all the ingredients for a wonderful afternoon sipping wine!

Kaya Vineyard and Winery link This is the place that last year we were invited to a private tasting in their beautiful wine cellar! If you’re not an expert on wines and the makings of wine, you will be much better informed on what makes a good wine verses a great wine. To me, that’s in the taste buds of the taster! Again, a beautiful setting with great staff and a gift shop!

Odom Springs Vineyard link Right in our proverbial backyard! Blairsville is just down the road and with it is Odom Springs! Close to home and family owned, this is a beautiful place. A perfect place to while away an afternoon and be home in a jiffy!

Georgia Wineries link This is the list of all the participating wineries. There are many more wineries and vineyards (Georgia Vineyards link) in the area to be explored! While enjoying the Wine Highway, please drink responsibly and better yet, have a designated driver. This is one of the many reasons to locate permanently to our area of western North Carolina! Or if you’re just visiting, or have family and friends visiting, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. Not far from home, driving through some of the most beautiful country, and sipping a glass of locally made wine…just doesn’t get any better than that!

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