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Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart! Looks like it’s Gonna be a Cold One!

If you’re new to the mountains of Western North Carolina, you may hear new words and phrases that may need explanations as to their meaning. An example would be directions that begin with “from the 4 lane”! That means Rt 64/74 or the road that goes through Murphy and out towards Andrews. And it’s the ONLY 4 lane in the area! Or that the word bear is pronounced: bar. And a hill is called a pull! This website gives just a bit of an explanation about how the language developed and why it’s remarkable to this particular area. {url=]Why we talk differently![/url] On this next site be sure to watch the video and hear the language spoken. It’s a beautiful dialect and it belies a rich history of this country. The legendary language of the Appalachian Holler. It’s not really southern and it sure isn’t Yankee! But like the people who speak it, it’s welcoming and friendly! I find it interesting that all over the South you will find different accents and meanings for phases and words. A Guide To Southern Accents will help delineate between all the southern states!

Predicting the Weather As summer turns to fall and the weather cools, I’m reminded that no one can predict the weather or what winter might be like this year. I’ve heard talk relating to the number of foggy mornings in August foretelling the number of snows this coming winter. Old wives tales usually have a grain of truth in them. Wives tales predict weather. Many of you who come to the mountains from the state of Florida have been trained meteorologically. Meaning you have listened to a weatherman and studied the radars and charts of storms and spaghetti plots of multiple hurricanes. You can forecast with the best of them! I find the Farmer’s Almanac to be interesting and usually kind of accurate. Check this site for the local forecast. Farmers Almanac for weather in our area. Another awesome predictor of weather which falls into the category of old wives tales is the Wooley Bear Caterpillar! Go to: Wooley Bears and the weather! One year not too long ago we had a fall that, how do I say this without sounding callous? We had quite a lot of flat squirrels! Now some would say these were squirrels that could not make decisions but what I believed to be happening was the squirrels were gathering for a hard winter! We had a not so great acorn season and they were going for the hickory nuts and quite possibly a bit farther for nuts and having to cross more roads. It was not pretty, in fact it was carnage, but I’ve not seen it in subsequent fall seasons. So maybe it was just harbinger of a snowy winter. Along with folklore go superstitions. Check out some here: Appalachian Superstitions Some superstitions may seem ridiculous but many were believed and practiced for years. I’ve included this next site because I have heard talk of folks seeing a large black cat in these mountains. Whether an anomaly or fact, you will have to be the judge. Mysteries of the Appalachian Mountains. Along with those sites take a look at Southern Appalchia Folk Healing. Here you might find some traditional healing plants and potions. Many of these remedies can be found at the local arts and crafts shows and even in some local stores. One last mention of things to do in the upcoming month or so is all on this site. Atlanta and North Georgia Festivals. I’m gathering info on leaf season and all the local things to do. Don’t forget Pumpkin Chunkin! Make plans now to visit the mountains or better yet come and buy a place of your own!

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