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August 2020

August 2020 in the Mountains!

We all know this year has had its challenges. We are still navigating our way through this virus as states reopen and rules are updated. Stress is high as folks try to keep abreast of all the changing numbers and statistics. What many of us who live here may have taken for granted is the ability to social distance without really changing our lives a whole lot. Yes we mask in the grocery stores and in the Lowes. But we can still hike and boat and walk our neighborhoods and enjoy the outdoors! This lifestyle many of us have cultivated lends itself to being a bit distant from our neighbors if not in literal feet then at least socially distancing around the campfire or hiking in the woods! Most homes are generally not close to one another and have large decks or porches enabling most of us to enjoy the outdoors right from our home.

Now might be the time to explore our area and find that perfect home or plot of land to build the perfect getaway from the world. I have clients who have told me how much they enjoyed tuning the world out while visiting our area. Their stress has decreased as they enjoyed time with family and the great outdoors and the spectacular views our area has to offer. Maybe you have had enough of the hustle and bustle of an urban lifestyle. Or maybe you just need a place to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Many folks have found during this time that they can effectively work from home. Maybe “home” should be here in our Western Carolina Mountains or surrounding area.

On to some fun things! Life goes on in our area in spite of the crazy world around us.

Coming this August is the rescheduled Georgia Wine Highway 2020! This is usually held in late March for just a week but with everyone in quarantine it was moved to August and will go on all month long! This should help keep crowds to a minimum. Be sure to call ahead to know which wineries are open which days and hours. You might even ask when it would be less crowed if you prefer to minimize your people-ing. Check out the website highlighted above to see all the wineries participating.

Our hometown Lake! I found this on Facebook and want to share it with you here. It’s a short watch and just some history of our area including Lake Hiawassee.

With all the national focus on history, I found this on Cherokee History . Many folks enjoy learning about what went on in this area during the growth of this great land of ours. It’s not always pretty but it’s what we have learned from and improved upon. Check out the YouTube video.

Leaf peeper season will be here before you know it. Make plans to getaway to your favorite mountains here in Western North Carolina!

As always I invite you to the Website: Your Mountain Dreams. Here you can access the MLS and see exactly what is currently listed. It’s way more up to date than Zillow or any of the other sites out there.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be kind to one another.

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