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Snowmagedon! NOT!

We finally got the first real snow of the winter! The weathermen were calling for 2-5 inches here in the Murphy area. I don’t think we had even 1 inch! Schools had been closed and many businesses had closed for the day of the storm. This might have been a bit of an overreaction but snowfalls and temperatures can vary a bunch in the mountains. Better safe than sorry! The snow was beautiful coming down in big fluffy chunks, and in my neck of the woods, it never even stuck to the road! This has been a relatively mild winter with the temps only going into the teens a couple of times, and always returning to mild temps in just a day or two. We have had very little snow at least in the lower elevations. Safety is a priority and folks are quick to hole up and wait for the roads to improve before venturing out. And after the craziness of the local grocery stores, folks should have been able to stay home for at least a week! Love how this community looks after each other.


I found some places that might interest you when you travel to the area, whether as a visitor or to entertain visitors. Check them out!

Project Chimps This awesome facility took in Laboratory Chimps when the laws changed concerning using chimps for testing. It’s no longer allowed! This is a safe place for chimps to live out their lives! Check it out and maybe even consider donating to this worthy cause.

Black Dog Tavern and Grill in Hayesville I will be checking this place out soon. Gets great reviews and it’s just in Hayesville!

Rod's Rockin Rolls SUSHI! This wonderful small place is in downtown Ducktown just to the west of Murphy in Tennessee. Fresh sushi, soups and so much more! Rod has a hot bar with many choices or he will make you fresh sushi of many varieties. Definitely worth the drive to check it out!

Spot The Station! This is a cool site that allows you to spot the International Space Station from your location just about anywhere. Even as you travel, the email will tell you according to your current location, where to look for the station and at what time. It’s easy and kind of nerdy but FUN!

Cataloochee Ski Area This lovely place has 18 slopes and 5 chair lifts! They make snow when needed and currently have a packed powder base of 69 to 103 inches! They offer night skiing and tubing also. Check out their webcam!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Please check out our local restaurants for their specials!

Brothers, Rib Country, Chowder House, Chop House, ShoeBooties-Cafe,

Plus many more so make your reservations soon!

I encourage you to share this newsletter with friends and family! I am always trying to find new and adventurous things to do and areas to visit, all off the beaten path. Some maybe even the locals don’t know exists!

Also, please visit my website and have a look around. You can access the MLS and see what is available and asking prices. Stay informed as a buyer or as a seller!

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