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Welcome to JUNE!

It’s time to focus on the coming months and all is happening here in Western North Carolina, Murphy, and the surround towns. We are back open with farm markets, car shows, shopping, hiking, tubing, and eating! Our restaurants are open although I advise that you check either Facebook or call ahead to confirm their hours and days open. Finding workers seems to be a nationwide issue not just local.

This year along with our fireflies that synchronize (read about that on my website in a past newsletter) we have the invasion of the 17 year Brood X cicadas! I say invasion but they are harmless. But are they LOUD! From first light to the late afternoon, they are calling for mates. And it’s the males who do the calling.

Brood X began in 2004. And like most 17 year olds they are ready to party! They sound like a UFO movie sound effect from the 50’s! Kind of like from the Twilight Zone. Some think the neighbor’s house alarm is going off and still others think car alarms are sounding off. And yes they are that loud! One actually gets used to it after a while and it just becomes background noise. Rest assured they don’t make noise at night.

Just a bit about them: The life cycle of cicadas is a mystery to entomologists. Periodical cicadas require either 13 or 17 years in the nymph stage, developing underground, and mature very slowly. They are synchronized to emerge en masse, every 13 or 17 years.

You will have absolutely no problem finding one of these critters for a good look. Not exactly beautiful unless you’re another cicada!

West Tubing Company is one of our newest tubing places and is an easy float for everyone young and seasoned adults!

Black and White Market is a unique shop right in the heart of Murphy downtown. Located in an historic building, they have some very unique items.

Rare Bird Emporium They have coffee and donuts and the most interesting store around. Great gift items and even the guys will appreciate what they have done with this building inside. It’s on Andrews Road near the Sweet Tooth.

Please visit my website at Your Mountain Dreams or call me at 828-361-3952 for all your real estate needs!

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