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June has come in with the last of May showers! The mountains are green, the streams are full of fish, and the waterfalls are spectacular! Farmers Markets have sprung up many places, Union County and Murphy each have a great one on Saturday mornings. Car shows, rodeo ( Bar W Rodeo in Hayesville), and arts and craft show can fill your weekends! The hiking is glorious and in the upper elevations, really very cool! Make plans now to visit Murphy North Carolina and the surrounding area.

I’m always trying to find the unusual places and things to do and see. White water rafting (NOC), horseback riding, rent a Porsche to drive our mountain roads. Each adventure speaks to differing tastes and levels of activity. Hike to a waterfall! (Waterfall map! ) Many are just off the road and can be seen from your vehicle! Drive to one of our magnificent balds! (5 most scenic balds) The views are magical and the hiking is almost nonexistent. Some waterfalls require a maps and some bushwhacking, but others can be viewed along your drive. Stop along the way at the home town eatery and get a home cooked meal in a beautiful setting with super nice folks! The journey can be the adventure and part of the fun of reaching the destination!

The area has 7 lakes (Appalachia, Hiawassee, Chatgue, Santeetlah, Fontana, Nottley, Nantahala) and numerous rivers and smaller ponds and streams. You will need a license to fish and the fishing is excellent! Stripper and rainbow trout are just 2 of the fish found in our area. Contact a fishing guide (Guides) to find the best places to fish no matter your style, from shore or boat, fly, or rod and reel! OR you could hit Persimmon Creek Trout Pond and Gem Mine! (here) This place is great for families! It’s the place to go if you want to go “catching” and not just fishing!

Our lakes are great for boating and on almost every lake you can find a place to rent a boat for a day or more. Shooks Marina (rental info here ), Dukes Hideaway Marina (here), and Mountain View Marina (here)are all located on Lake Hiawassee. Nottley Boat Club (here), Lake Nottley Boat rentals (here ), and North Georgia Watersports (here)are located on Lake Nottley. I mention these two lakes because they are the closest to Murphy. Just a short drive lands you at either lake with many choices of boats and rental packages to enjoy a day on the water!

So many things to do and see in the summer in the mountains! I hope you checked out the synchronistic fireflies (learn more here) that are happening now. They began in late May and continue until about 2 weeks into June! This doesn’t just happen in Elkmont! This happens in our neighborhoods and valleys too!

Please check out my website at : Your Mountain Dreams. So much local info at your fingertips! Check out the page of info about area schools, entertainment, and professional contacts.

Also, please let me know if you’re enjoying this newsletter! Are we covering the things you want to hear about? Suggestions are always welcome!

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