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Deer Season!

This is prime deer season!

This time of year is birthing season! I hope you take a look at the video! My wife, Deena, and I were checking up on a client’s home and came upon a freshly born fawn with her mom. As wonderful as that was, after checking the home, we returned to see another fresh baby fawn! Twins! What a unique experience for us!

Many neighborhoods in the area have deer that come regularly to deer feeders and yards. They can be identified by markings and become quite tolerant of people. I have two deer feeders, one in the woods next to our home, and one in the yard below our deck. Believe me when I say we know our regulars! Those feeders are on timers and at the appointed time, they go off and the deer are already waiting for dinner! God help us if those feeders are empty! I know for sure that deer can communicate discontent with their human hosts! I have seen the questioning looks as to why those feeders are not filled and throwing corn! We enjoy seeing “our” deer most every evening!

Things you should know about our deer! This site is full of great info about the white tail deer. Since our area is full of deer, this might be good info to understand when the deer reproduce. It’s always good to know about the local wildlife. We must live in harmony with them. Knowing their habits can keep everyone safe.

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