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2 Hours from Everywhere!


2 Hours from Everywhere! A great selling point for many years! The quiet of the mountains combined with the ability to be in a big city within 2 hours! Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Asheville are ALL just a stones throw away. Each city offers a different flavor of entertainment, shopping and culture. We will focus on Chattanooga to begin! Camping, cabins, pavilions, 26,000 acres! Inn with 145 Rooms, just a bit north of Chattanooga! Chattanooga Zoo! Fun for all ages! Oh my goodness! This is an awesome place to visit for the whole family! Be sure to see the jellyfish room! This is a different way to see the sites using duck boats! Even your teenagers would like this! I’ve done these in other cities and it’s a great way to see the city and learn about the history that makes it special. This is an adult’s only activity! The lost Sea is located 140 feet below the entrance! You will learn about stalactites and stalagmites and anthodites, a rare crystal mineral formation! You will also learn the history of the cave: how the Confederate soldiers mined the cave for saltpeter for making gunpowder and how the Cherokee Indians used the cave. This one is for the amateur geologist! Many of us visited a dairy farm in grade school. Not sure they do that anymore. Here’s your opportunity to see a working dairy farm! No list of Chattanooga things to do is complete without a visit to Ruby Falls.

A plethora of things to do on a day trip to Chattanooga! Historic cemeteries, whiskey tastings, boats of all sizes, glass blowing, rock climbing and the list goes on and on. Plan your day trip soon! Next time: Knoxville and the surrounding area.

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