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2 Hours from Everywhere

2 Hours from Everywhere!

Today we continue with our series on cities within 2 hours of our lovely mountains here in Murphy! Check out:

History of Knoxville,_Tennessee

The history of the city of Knoxville I must admit I didn’t know much of the history of the great city. Beginning with Fort White, to the early role as frontier capital, to their part in the civil war and then the labeling as the Marble city. Take a moment and read about all the rich history of one of the great cities of the area!

Knoxville events, historic homes, and museums

You can visit many historic Victorian homes and civil war sights. This is a community steeped in a rich Southern tradition. This site also has several museums listed.

Knoxville Festivals! Oh my goodness! You can have a Feast with the Beasts (not eating them, dining with them) or celebrate the Biscuit Festival! Make time for the Brewers Jam (local beer brewers) or go see the Tulip Time festival in March and April! Find one for your family! Concerts and special celebrations are on this site.

Anvil Shoot!

Check this out! An anvil shoot! Only at the Museum of Appalachia which is approx. 16 miles north of Knoxville. You just got to love the Appalachian folks! Kind of like our own Pumpkin Chunkin!

Knoxville parks!

This site features the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and the World’s Fair Park. I didn’t know that in 1982 Knoxville hosted the World’s Fair!

Sprint car racing!

This area has a rich history in car racing. This site will give you the racing schedule and tell you all about the racing history!

Civil War Buffs

This one is for all you Civil War buffs! Walking tours and all the history of the area from the Civil War, are featured in this site. There are also several other historical tours to be enjoyed. Check them out!

I hope you enjoy these sites and some of the ideas for your visit to Knoxville. Who knew you could celebrate the Biscuit! Next time: The Gatlinburg area!

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