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Winter in Western North Carolina!

I bet you might think that there is not a lot going on at this time of year. Well you would be wrong! I’ll give you some ideas for that winter get a way to the mountains! It’s a beautiful time of the year! This year to date we haven’t had ANY snow in the lower elevations! But snow has come to the higher regions and it is beautiful! Our rain has made for wonderful waterfalls running at full bore! Colder weather is coming but it doesn’t seem to stay around for long periods. That’s part of the beauty of this area. Reasonably warm days to enjoy all kinds of activities!

Snow Tubing! This site lists all the great places to snow tube in North Carolina. Maggie Valley is the closest to Murphy and an easy day trip for fun in the snow! They make snow but you are advised to call ahead for conditions.

Appalachian Bear Rescue This is near Knoxville and they rescue and rehab baby black bears. ABR teaches bear safety and has tours and classes for the public. As our area has bears, we need to be diligent in dealing with bears. Our actions have consequences. When we feed the “deer” we are also feeding the bears, they like corn too! A habituated bear has to be dispatched and that’s not good for anyone mostly the bear. Babies left without moms can end up, if they are lucky, at ABR where they have a chance at survival.

Winter Hike to Devils Courthouse This is of the Blue Ridge Parkway and is an awesome hike and we have done it many times! It’s about 2.5 hrs from Murphy and always check the roadways to make sure the Parkway is open to where you want to drive. The view from the Overlook looks fantastic!

First Lady of Fireflies For those of you who read these newsletters regularly, you may remember the one called “Synchronicity” about the fireflies. If you want to read the original newsletter, Click here. This is an event that happens in Elkmont just outside Gatlinburg, and they sell tickets to see this phenomenon. Know that it happens in our area also! Make plans now to be in our area for early to Mid-June.

Smokey Mountain Living events I include this one to not only let you know about this event but if you look to the right on this page you will see many other winter events in the state. This site is also a great source to surf web for all things Smokey Mountains!

Southern Translator Southern culture has a language all its own. This will help the newcomer with learning the southern language. This is the mountains and people tend to talk slower and not be in a rush. But as many of you are former Yankees or transplants, this might be just the thing to help fit in to your new surroundings. We all need to acclimate and assimilate. We left the hustle and bustle for a reason. Embrace the lifestyle of the mountains.

Outhouse Races Need I say more? Check it out! These folks know how to have fun! Who said there was nothing to do in the winter?

Word to the wise: It’s coming in March beginning on the 22nd!

Local shops, local restaurants, local people, Murphy has it all!

Be sure and check out the new website!

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